Member of the Timber Decking Association (TDA)

Why us

Pro Deck Solutions are the first timber decking designer & installer based in the Warwickshire and South Midlands region to have membership of TDA and to attain their prestigious DeckMark™ accreditation.

The TDA is an independent advisory and technical organisation, formed to establish and promote good practice. The TDA is the UK timber industry’s voice of authority on the quality of design, materials and construction required to create high performance timber decks.

DeckMark™ is a third-party product certification scheme based on recognised quality assurance standards (ISO 9000, EN45011/12, ISO Guide 62/65) and confirms compliance to best practice guidance and relevant British Standards. The scheme not only covers supplied materials and components (e.g. timber, fixings and finishes), but also the installed deck itself (to ensure best practice construction methods have been followed).

Why choose a DeckMark™ Company?

Why us

The objectives of the scheme are:

  • To create customer confidence when choosing a deck design and installation company.
  • To provide assurances that the components supplied and installed as part of a timber deck are quality products produced to recognised standards.
  • To provide unambiguous evidence of compliance with the best practice techniques specified in the Timber Decking Manual and relevant British Standards.
  • To provide designers, specifiers, surveyors, regulators and inspection authorities with the means to identify quality materials and installations.
  • To provide the means of resolving any customer complaints through the TDA Dispute Resolution Service, the outcome of which will be unconditionally accepted by the member.

To maintain DeckMark™accreditation a company needs to comply with the high standards set by the Association through their yearly independent audit.

For further information on the Timber Decking Association visit their website

10 year warranty

Why us

Many companies offer some kind of warranty. These warranties are often given to bolster consumer confidence, but unless they are backed by an independent insurance scheme then they have little real credibility and are, in reality, worth nothing if the company ceases to trade.

The warranty offered by Pro Deck Solutions (see downloadable PDF, 91K) is backed by Quality Assured National Warranties (QANW), one of the premier warranty administrators in the UK. QANW is sponsored by Pinnacle Insurance PLC (part of the Compagnie Bancaire Group) and are in the business of providing quality independent warranties accepted by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Insurance Ombudsman.

Personal service

Pro Deck Solutions is a small, independent family run business with a big business attitude towards research and development, design, manufacture, customer care and after sales service.

Unlike big multi national companies offering similar services you can be assured that the faces you see during your initial site survey will be the same faces involved in the design of your deck through to the deck installation and subsequent after sales support.

After care advice

Why us

Our service does not end upon completion of your deck installation. Before we leave you to enjoy the ambience of your premium timber deck, you will receive:

  • Your peace of mind 10 year warranty
  • Details of the insurance backing your warranty
  • A copy of “Care & Maintenance of Your Timber Deck” which gives advice on how to keep your timber deck looking its best (see downloadable PDF, 139K)
  • Information on our “Three Point Service Contract” – the ultimate way to ensure your timber deck always remains in the best possible condition!

Above all, we will always be approachable to answer any questions you may have regarding your deck installation, no matter how trivial, because your complete satisfaction is our first priority.